Tri-City pools has been operating in Southwest Florida for almost  50 years now. Our unique features are that we offer not only top of the line customer service and pool maintenance services, but also the latest technology to service your pool 24/7.

We monitor your pool water remotely via digital controllers. If there is an alert, it pops up on our command center screen, from which we can reach our employees at all times and track them via GPS for more rapid deployment. Chlorine is not poured into your pool and we don’t use tri-tabs to shock the water. We use a feeder that injects the right amount of water sanitizer as needed. This cuts down chlorine use by around 50% which is better for your skin, your eyes and your respiratory system.

We also have other options such as the UV system, which kills bacteria and germs on contact. This is like an insurance policy against any kind of water-borne illness, since there is no lag time, as there is with chemical water sanitizers.

At Tri-City Pools we are here to provide you with information, impeccable service and unique pool maintenance programs to achieve it.

No matter at what time of the day or night, whether your pool is commercial or residential, you can contact our call center where you will reach a live person who will route your call according to your needs.

Our relationship managers and our pool technicians undergo a strict screening process and background checks. They then undergo extensive training for a minimum of 30 days and after that there are refresher courses and classes they need to take.

At Tri-City you won’t see pool guys in flip-flops, but appropriately uniformed employees with proper identification and the training and corporate culture that enables them to take the maintenance of your pool to heart. With a generous benefits and vacation package, good health care and empowering personal development possibilities, our team members are happy and eager to do a good job.

One of the driving forces of Tri-City is that we have a Board of Directors, and when you sign up to our Pool Club, you become a member of our Board, just like a food co-op. This means that our company in a sense is made up of our clients as much as it is supported by our employees.