We are client driven company that provides state of the art technology, 24/7 service and the highest quality team. With nearly 50 years of experience, and thousands of enthusiastically satisfied residential and commercial clients, we are here to give you incomparable service.

Our relationship managers and pool technicians are appropriately dressed in uniform and drive company cars with the Tri-City logo. They undergo strict background checks and screening and are thoroughly trained and then certified before they can start to work with your pool. Our people have a generous salary and benefits package, which ensures a high employee-retention rate and high satisfaction for both our team and our clients.

We use quality chemicals, not tri-tabs that shock your pool and harm your skin, eyes, hair and respiratory system. Tri-City Pool Service provides fully automated chemical feeders than inject the sanitizer into your pool regularly to ensure that it is always safe, 24 hours a day, every day.

We have a large number of commercial pools under our care mainly because of the interactive command center we have. This works by remotely monitoring the quality of the water, mitigating any potential risk before it becomes a problem. We have route supervisors to make sure that the team is performing smoothly, and they can be tracked by GPS to better service our clients.

Our command center receives information from a digital controller which we give to our commercial clients for free, along with a probe and the pump to inject the chlorine into the pool as needed.  We work hard to prevent outbreaks of harmful bacteria and we are so sure that when we manage your pool you will be free of them that we provide a guarantee that it won’t happen.

Why Tri-City Pool:

  • 24/7 pool maintenance service. No matter what time of day or night you have an issue with your commercial pool we will answer your call and deploy our technicians as needed.
  • Customized pool service that caters to your commercial wants and needs, striving to keep your water environment always available to the public
  • Usage of chlorine will go down by about 50% since the levels of sanitizer are injected at a steady rate, as needed
  • Our team undergoes the strictest screening process and exhaustive training until they are ready to manage your pool
  • 24/7 monitoring of your pool levels at our command center and immediate action if something is amiss
  • An e mail alert with a report, along with a date and time stamp and photo of your pool each time your designated technician comes over
  • Our relationship managers and technicians are all in uniform and drive company cars, since they do not carry chlorine or other chemicals. This is delivered by our specialized truck that comes around only on certain days of the month, since the chlorine is being injected by a feeder
  • State of the art technology that provides GPS-tracking of the people in our team, bi-directional water controllers and UV sanitation, to name a few
  • We can provide proof of the water sanitation levels at all times in the event that you have any issue or dispute with the Health Department. In many cases we have been able to have pools reopened immediately because we were able to prove a mistake on the part of the Health Department