Being Green is about reducing the amount of chlorine and other chemicals in your pool. Unlike most pool maintenance companies, we don´t shock it. When the sanitation products are injected into the pool water as needed, this means that the levels are constant, thus requiring a smaller amount of chlorine and other products. This is done by using a controller that monitors water sanitation levels and a chlorine injector.  We monitor your pool water levels remotely so that if there is ever an issue we can take care of it right away.

Furthermore, if you are allergic to chlorine and yet want to have a clean and bacteria-free pool, then we have the device for you. The Elektra UV sanitation system, which can be used for both commercial and residential pools kills 99.9 % of waterborne bacteria on contact. This means that there is no time-lag as there is with chlorine and other products, which take a while to be effective.







The State of Florida, because of prior outbreaks of water-borne illnesses in commercial and hotel pools, is considering enforcing the use of water controllers and UV sanitation units. At the moment, the State of Florida is recommending their use. Not only are they more effective but less harmful for the skin, eyes and respiratory system, but also more energy efficient. The UV light bulb needs to be replaced once every 5 years, which is a long time. The use of chlorine is negligible when using the Elektra UV, dropping from around 2.5 gallons a week to around 0.5 for a residential pool.

We also have a line of products that are Eco Select™ brand that have in common that they conserve energy, water, reduce noise and require the use of fewer chemicals in your pool water.

This line of products includes variable speed pumps that slash the energy cost of pumping your pool water by 30-90%. This is because they operate at speeds that are significantly slower than with your usual pump and yet do the job of cleaning your pool water properly. These pumps are also quieter than usual.

High performance heaters optimize fuel and air for higher efficiency and a faster heat up of your pool water. The heaters, such as MasterTemp® are also very quiet and have a tough exterior to weather the elements.

The ThermaFlo™ heatpump transfers heat from the atmosphere to the pool or spa which saves up to 80% in energy costs, compared to traditional heaters. Its state-of-the-art fan design improves air flow by 40% which makes it a lot more efficient. It also uses a safe clean and non-ozone depleting refrigerant, for even greener results.

Quad DE ® filters help reduce energy usage by enabling the use of smaller pumps or lower pump speeds. Cartridge filters such as Clean & Clear ® provide the same benefits. This means that your electricity bill will go down significantly.

A Pressure-side automatic pool cleaner such as the Legend ® II does not require a booster-pump which provides high energy efficiency when cleaning your pool. It cleans most pools completely between 1 and 3 hours.

Automated Color-Changing LED lights such as Intellibrite ® are the most energy-efficient pool and spa lights available. They can last over 30,000 hours too! LED lights use the least amount of energy of all pool lighting options, and they are more durable.