At Tri-city pools we believe that you should be enjoying your water environment and leave the maintenance to us. We have a unique approach to managing your pool water and keeping it safe, using the latest technology and the best people in our team. We've been around for almost  50 years and have an established reputation as a good practice business in Florida, and now we are also leaders in efficiency and technology, to better serve our clients, both residential and commercial.  Our business is based on our valued Pool Club members and clients and we are always there for you, 24/7, no matter what.

When you first call Tri-City pools, a trained relationship manager will make an appointment with you, gauge your needs and then explain our different maintenance plans. If you sign up to have your pool serviced by us, then a trained technician will be assigned to your pool and come by with the relationship manager on a second visit. Together they will inventory your pool hardware to include filter and pump and related accessories. We use a controller probe to measure the chemical levels in your water and a feeder to inject chlorine steadily into your pool so that the ph levels are always within the required parameters. We don´t use tri-tabs to shock your pool, therefore minimizing the impact of chlorine on skin, hair, eyes and respiratory system.

Why Tri-City Pools:

  • 24/7 pool maintenance service. If a keg of beer explodes in the water during your moonlight party, we will come over and take care of the water in your pool. We are available to you day and night, no matter what
  • Customized pool service that caters to your particular wants and needs
  • You will be able to cut down on the amount of chlorine needed to keep the water at safe and sanitary levels
  • Our personnel undergo strict screening processes and training and you will receive the best customer care and pool service
  • Constant monitoring of your pool levels at our command center and immediate action if something is amiss
  • An e mail alert with a report, along with a date and time stamp and photo of your pool each time your designated technician comes over
  • Our relationship managers and technicians are all in uniform and drive company cars, since they do not carry chlorine or other chemicals. This is delivered by our specialized truck that comes around only on certain days of the month, since the chlorine is being injected regularly by a feeder
  • State of the art technology that provides GPS-tracking of the people in our team, bi-directional water controllers and UV sanitation, to name a few