At Tri-City pools we believe that you should not have to worry about your aquatic environment. We take your trust very seriously and we don’t go and clean your pool and then run. That’s why apart from our pool maintenance service we also include other services by which you can call to purchase parts from us or have them installed too. If you are a Pool Club member, then the cost of labor will drop by $20 per hour and our work is warranted. Even if you are not a Pool Club member, if you buy parts from us, we provide free delivery. You can call in the part and we will charge your credit card and deliver it to your home.

When you become a Pool Club member and purchase one of our Pool Maintenance Plans, if you have an issue with your pump or your filter, for example, you just need to give us a call, no matter what day of the week or what time it is. You won’t have to go out in the rain and try to find the serial number on your equipment. We will have it all stored for you, because when you entrust your pool care to us, we will have all your equipment inventoried, to include serial numbers and pictures of every element. We catalog and photograph it and store it electronically so we can easily find the replacement part you need.

If we installed your pump (or any other part) and it is under warranty and your pool technician noticed it is leaking for example, he would notify us and we would replace it. In fact, we have received calls from customers who have come back home to find they had a new pump or filter installed in their absence. With Tri-City everything is easy and hassle-free.

When you notice something is amiss, give us a call as soon as possible. You will get a live person who speaks English at any time of the day or night. Our call center is modeled after a 911 call center and is designed to connect our client to the right technician in the shortest time possible. Our technicians are tracked via GPS so we can deploy the one that is closest to you if you have an emergency.

Tri-City pools is all about technology, safety, efficiency and client satisfaction. That’s why we have a high client-retention rate and rave reviews of our services.