At Tri-City Pools we use the latest technology and put it at your service to make pool maintenance stress-free and effective.

Because we have a high volume of satisfied clients and members we are able to obtain the latest technological devices for pool cleaning at a very competitive price and then offer them to you for free with the purchase of certain pool maintenance plans.

  • One of the devices most widely used by us is the Remote Automated Controller. This digitally gathers information of your pool water and sends it to us, enabling us to control your pool sanitation levels 24/7. If anything were amiss, we receive an alert at our Command Center and we deploy a technician who will take care of the issue immediately.
  • The Elektra UV water sanitation system provides on contact disinfection, with minimal use of chemicals in the water. Using ultraviolet rays to sanitize your pool water ensures that bacteria, algae and viruses are completely destroyed without causing harmful effects to your skin, your respiratory system or to the environment.  It is a simple and reliable system that is compatible with all types of filters.
  • Intelliflo VF – Intelligent Variable Flow Pump. This water pump can help you reduce energy usage between 30% and 90%, because it operates at the lowest flow rate required to accomplish the job of pumping your water through the filter. This is comparable to your car, which uses less gas at lower speeds than when you press down hard on the gas pedal. In terms of reducing your electricity bill, installing the Intelliflo VF can imply saving thousands of dollars a year, which over time adds up.